Don’t tumblr and drive.

I love Alex way too much. 💙

I love Alex way too much. 💙


when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

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Fuck you, pay me. 💋

Fuck you, pay me. 💋


replacing my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less

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The saddest word
in the whole wide world
is the word almost.

He was almost in love.
She was almost good for him.
He almost stopped her.
She almost waited.
He almost lived.
They almost made it.

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this picture deserves endless notes


this picture deserves endless notes

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A Day To Remember - The Downfall of Us All


A Day To Remember - The Downfall of Us All

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I’m glad they didn’t turn Toph into some kind helpful old lady living in the woods. She’s still the Avatar-butt-kicking trash-talking greatest Earthbender in the World!

I love how Korra tries to hug Toph but Toph is just like “access denied.”

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*hears noises at night*: well this is it this is the end for me I had a good life
*gets shampoo in my eyes*: I guess I'm blind now how am I ever going to see my first born child
*heart is beating fast*: I think I am having a heart attack is this what cardiac arrest is
*a cop walks by*: here I go about to get arrested I probably murdered someone
*taking a test*: don't take your eyes off of this paper you will get caught cheating and get kicked out of school and amount to nothing
*gets a sunburn*: great now I have skin cancer how will I tell my parents
*tripping over something*: I guess my leg will have to be amputated why did this happen to me
*period is late*: shit i'm pregnant i'm the next virgin mary




please do not let ferguson die out like everything else big does. do not let this die out. do not let this continue on for three days and then everyone forget about it. do not let this happen.

queue this post up 3 days from now, a week from now, a month from now, a month from then. make sure even if you forget your blog will remember.

the fact i’m seeing reblogs slow down despite the fact there is still news breaking is concerning

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You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.

this is oddly important to me

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Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships.
So go find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated.


choke her while you fuck her so she knows its real

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